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Rózsa's Jungle Book Available in Short Supply!
FMS re-releases 300 copies in celebration of the composer's centenary

Rózsa's Jungle Book

Track 21: Excerpt from a June 1, 1974 interview with Miklós Rózsa conducted by Rudy Behlmer, discussing Rózsa's score for Jungle Book.

In celebration of Miklós Rózsa's centennial year, The Film Music Society is proud to re-release Rózsa's historic score for the 1942 classic motion picture, Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book. Nearly two years ago, this popular CD was sold out of its Limited Edition release, and the FMS archived the manufacturer's overage. Due to popular demand by members and nonmembers alike, we decided to celebrate Rozsa's centenary by making our surplus copies available for purchase.

Rózsa's music shines on this CD in a way it never has before. Featuring lengthy and authoritative liner notes by Golden Age film expert Rudy Behlmer, this is an album you won't want to miss, skillfully restored and remastered from the last surviving transcription discs. As a bonus track, we've included an excerpt of a rare interview with Rózsa discussing his score with Behlmer in 1974. (Rózsa enthusiasts please note: The FMS will be releasing this interview in its full length later this year! Stay tuned!)

Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book is available for $20 plus s/h. To place a quick order by credit card, call The FMS at (310) 820-1909, email at shop@filmmusicsociety.org or visit the FMS Merchandise page for further contact and payment information.
  1. Main Title 1:30
  2. The Jungle 2:47
  3. Animals of the Jungle 4:45
  4. Nato Runs Away 2:31
  5. The Wolf Cave and Mowgli's Lullaby 2:06
  6. Shere Khan Chases Gorofli from the Jungle 2:25
  7. Jungle Lullaby 1:21
  8. Mowgli's Mother 1:44
  9. Among Men 1:03
  10. Mowgli and Mahalla Go to the Jungle 2:35
  11. The Lost City 2:13
  12. The White Cobra 3:22
  13. Shere Kahn and the Stampede 4:37
  14. Kaa the Rocksnake 5:12
  15. Night in the Jungle 1:02
  16. The Murder 3:05
  17. Fury of the Jungle 2:20
  18. Mowgli Saves his Mother 3:15
  19. The Fire 4:01
  20. The End 1:34
  21. Excerpt of interview with Miklos Rozsa and Rudy Behlmer (6/1/74) 24:44

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Special Offer
For sale to members only!

"Hollywood Composers" by David RaksinDavid Raksin Remembers His Colleagues: Hollywood Composers
Published by The Stanford Theatre Foundation, 1st printing, 47 pp, softcover
Foreword by David W. Packard

©1995 David Raksin, All Rights Reserved

David Raksin Remembers His Colleagues: Hollywood Composers, is a collection of fascinating essays written by Mr. Raksin in association with a festival of classic film scores at the Stanford Theatre in Palo Alto, California in April 1995. This limited edition is now available for purchase only through The Film Music Society, and only by members!

Each essay offers candid insight into the life and career of some of the most important composers in film history – Aaron Copland, Hugo Friedhofer, Bernard Herrmann, Erich Wolfgang Korngold, Alfred Newman, Miklós Rózsa, Max Steiner, Dmitri Tiomkin and Franz Waxman, along with an autobiographical essay – all from Mr. Raksin's unique perspective.

A limited number of these books are available to members only for $20 plus s/h. Please call, write or email us to buy your copy.

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