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June 26, 2007
Index for The Cue Sheet Journal
Quarterly publication is a well-established source of film music articles, news and historical information

A comprehensive index for The Cue Sheet, the quarterly journal of The Film Music Society, is now available on-line at the FMS web site.

From its initial publication as a multi-page mimeograph in January 1984, The Cue Sheet has grown to be among the most highly respected sources for articles and essays on the subject of film and television music.

The journal's content ranges from biographical essays and in-memoriam tributes to articles on contemporary issues, opinion pieces and book reviews, featuring the works of such notable journalists and historians as Fred Steiner, James Lipton, John Caps, Tony Thomas, Rudy Behlmer, Clifford McCarty, Jon Burlingame, Steven Smith and Ross Care, among others.

It offers conversations and interviews with many of Hollywood's most important composers, the likes of Andre Previn, Hugo Friedhofer, Ernest Gold, Muir Mathieson, David Newman, Jerome Moross, Bruce Broughton, Jerrold Immel, Elmer Bernstein, Herbert Spencer, Jerry Goldsmith, George Duning, David Buttolph, Thomas Newman, John Barry, Buddy Baker, Gil Mellé, Laurence Rosenthal, Maurice Jarre, Cyril Mockridge, John Williams, Leonard Rosenman and Miklós Rózsa.

Also included are accounts and appreciations of rarely represented yet highly significant contributors to the art of film music, such as Arthur Lange, Stanley Wilson, Richard Shores and Charles Gerhardt.

Most recently, The Cue Sheet has increased its efforts toward preserving the legacy of film and television music with reprints of historical writings by such outspoken composers such as Roy Webb, Nat Finston, Herbert Stothart, David Raksin and Igor Stravinsky; as well as the inclusion of rare photographs and other visual materials.

The Cue Sheet index, which features cover images and a price list for back issues, is updated twice annually.

The latest issues of The Cue Sheet are now available for purchase to the public. Vol. 22, No. 4 (October 2007) is a tribute to the centennial year of the great Miklós Rózsa, composer of such film scores as Ben-Hur, Spellbound and Quo Vadis. Vol. 23, No. 1/2 (January/April 2008) honors the memory of innovator Leonard Rosenman (1924-2008), whose many notable film scores include East of Eden, Rebel Without a Cause, and Barry Lyndon.

An annual subscription to The Cue Sheet is free to members of The Film Music Society, a nonprofit public benefit corporation formed by entertainment community professionals in support of film and television music preservation. Founded in 1972, the FMS is the leading organization for film music preservation in the world, with members in more than 20 countries. Among its efforts are the preservation of published and unpublished scores, orchestrations and recordings; and related materials such as production papers, journalistic writings, photographs, and other documentation related to the history of the artform.

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