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August 3, 2012
Alexander the Great and Other Rare Rosenman
Combat!, Alexander the Great, Sybil among rescued TV recordings

Rare Rosenman CD

Academy Award- and Emmy-winning Leonard Rosenman (1924-2008) – celebrated composer of East of Eden, Rebel Without a Cause, Fantastic Voyage and Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home – also wrote music for other media.

The Film Music Society, the entertainment industry-based preservation group, has recently rescued and restored some of Rosenman's music from four historic television productions and a theme park attraction, and is releasing these archival recordings on a 76-minute CD called Alexander the Great and Other Rare Rosenman.

Tracks Include:

Click select links to hear sample audio tracks.

Body Wars (1989)
1. Body Wars Theme (3:26)
2. Coming to Get You (1:39)
3. Ready Now (1:04)
4. Welcome Home (0:39)

Where Pigeons Go To Die (1990)
5. Opening (5:44)
6. Dangerous Flight (3:01)
7. Dickens Returns/Closing (6:26)
8. End Credits (1:18)

Sybil (1976)
9. Part 1 Main Title (1:59)
10. The Awakening/End Title (7:16)
11. "I Remember Me" (full version) (2:04)

Combat! (1962)
12. Main Title (0:50)
13. Soldiers Searching (1:22)
14. A Hero's Death (1:00)
15. Enemy Territory (1:29)
16. Wartime Liaison (2:07)
17. Diversion (1:12)
18. Tortured Crawling (1:03)
19. French Café (3:48)
20. Battle (0:57)
21. Hand to Hand Combat (1:03)
22. Brief Respite/Finale (2:58)
23. Combat! March (1:01)

Alexander The Great (1964)
24. Main Title (0:50)
25. The Hanged (0:37)
26. Meet Alexander (1:32)
27. The Dagger (1:46)
28. Orgy (3:15)
29. On the Move (1:09)
30. Antigonus Dies (1:39)
31. The Pursuit (1:13)
32. Ada's Dance (1:25)
33. Big Battle/Conquered (6:35)
34. End Credits (1:21)

Centerpiece of the album is Rosenman's original music for the legendary unsold television pilot Alexander the Great, which starred William Shatner and was a candidate for the fall 1964 season on ABC. Rosenman composed a massive choral and orchestral score for this epic set in the first century B.C. It may be the most ambitious score ever written for an unrealized television series.

Also included are 19 minutes of music from the original first-season library of television's landmark war series Combat!, composed and conducted by Rosenman in Rome in 1962; excerpts from Rosenman's Emmy-winning score for the 1976 miniseries Sybil, including an unreleased recording of a song, "I Remember Me," written for the miniseries by Rosenman and lyricists Marilyn and Alan Bergman, and performed by noted vocalist Shelby Flint; and selections from his touching score for one of Michael Landon's final projects, the Emmy-nominated Where Pigeons Go To Die (1990) which starred Art Carney.

Rounding out the album is his music for Body Wars, composed in 1989 for a project directed by his friend Leonard Nimoy, with whom he worked on Star Trek IV. Body Wars was a theme-park attraction at Walt Disney's EPCOT Center in Florida; the ride was a journey through the human body that was reminiscent of Fantastic Voyage, which Rosenman had scored in 1966.

This remarkable collection, produced by Marilee Bradford, is accompanied by a 16-page booklet containing rare photographs with album notes by Jon Burlingame.

Alexander the Great and Other Rare Rosenman is a limited edition of 1000 copies and is available beginning Monday, August 6, only to members of the Society. The price is $20 plus shipping/handling ($5 domestic; $6.50 international). Membership is open to the public; basic annual membership is $50, fully tax-deductible. For sales or for more information, contact the FMS at shop@filmmusicsociety.org.
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